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As promised, here is some pictures of my new pullups. They’re Tena brand, called ‘Protective Underwear’ and look, they have purple flowers on them!

I have been wanting pullups for so long, and had toyed with the idea of drynites, but was unsure, as a curvy size 12 (US size 8 apparently) I wasn’t sure how well they’d fit and if they would just become annoying the more they dug into my hips. And then, I was in Boots, I was looking at the incontinence pads (was thinking about diaper stuffers) and there, sitting on the bottom shelf, accompanied by the sound of a choir and a golden light, were these darlings. And oh Jesus Christ, to say I freaked out would be an understatement. I SPENT 30 MINUTES IN THE SHOP, having an internal debate about whether to buy them or not, my biggest fear being the cashier, who I chat to every time I’m in that shop (which is often, it’s so close to my house) judging me then, and forever after. 

I finally plucked up the courage. As if by magic, the usual cashier was busy, I was served by the Chemist, someone who I doubt I’ll ever talk to again. It was funny how awkward she was in comparison to me. I gave her a smile and asked for a plastic bag. I LEFT THE SHOP WITH MY BRAND NEW PULLUPS WITH THE FLOWERS! Lol sorry this sounds so stupid, it as an epic moment for me.

Anyway, onto the reasons for my love of pullups. As you may or may not know, my love of infantilism and diapers comes from the idea of punishment and humiliation. I don’t want to pretend to be a baby, that’s boring, I want to be forced to act like a baby, I want to be given no choice but to wet my diapers etc. I love the idea of regression as punishment, that feeling of having all my power stripped away and being forced to rely on someone else, mm it makes me wet just thinking about it. I love pullups because unlike diapers, which are for babies pull ups are generally solely used for children/teens who can’t control their bladders or wet the bed. Pullups can’t be shrugged off as anything but the fact that they’re for you, they’re a humiliating reminder that I can’t even grasp the basic function of holding my bladder and the idea of having to wear them because I can’t control myself, is such a good feeling. For this, pullups are fantastic. They have a lot of issues; they can’t hold more than 2 wettings, they leak because they’re not skin tight, they’re nowhere near as thick as diapers, and yet, they still make me incredibly horny that I’m forced to wear them and unlike diapers which can be seen as solely for punishment, any normal person would just think I can’t control my bladder, which is a very humiliating thought for me.

I haven’t worn these outside yet, but I’ve worn them around the house and nobody seems to have noticed so they’re super discreet. I’m secretly hoping my boyfriend might make me wear them next time we go out. Here’s hoping! <3

p.s sorry Lana, no socks, but indeed some feet!

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    These are cute, love the idea of a girl who can’t control her bladder having to wear these! Wish they did a full nappy...
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